bswift: User Experience

User Experience

In the complex and rapidly changing world of health insurance and HR benefits, the burden of benefits selection has largely shifted to consumers. Making informed decisions about crucial coverage means having the right tools — online tools that streamline the whole process by being intuitive and easy-to-use. From concept to completion, we've designed our products with the consumer experience in mind, and we’re committed to the following user-focused principles.

Guiding Principles


Start with User Needs

Our products have a real impact on our customers’ personal and professional lives; it is our responsibility to understand their needs and keep a user-centered focus in everything we make.

Illustrate Complex Concepts

Our Ask Emma tool uses voice-over audio, illustration and on-screen animation to explain topics that are too-often obscured by complicated insurance terms and cost structures.

New Tools for New Challenges

The Affordable Care Act adds new responsibilities and challenges to employers; we help bring transparency and insight to ACA compliance through ACA-specific reports and dashboards.


Keep it Simple (especially when it's not)

Eliminate the unnecessary, present the user with obvious paths to their goals, and avoid insurance-speak. Create clear and considered solutions that address the user’s needs, not the underlying data or conceptual complexity.

Not One-Size-Fits-All

We offer three configurations of our enrollment platform, each tailored to meet the needs or preferences of our clients based on employee demographics and plan structure.


Put the User in Control

Give users the most direct path to their goal, provide shortcuts and reveal details progressively.

Make it Your Own

Users can customize their interface with favorite documents, avatars, images, custom css, reports, dashboards, alerts and drag-and-drop panels.


Design with Purpose

All of our products should be based on a design that is purposeful, unobtrusive, elegant and founded on a research-based understanding of user goals and best practices.

Serious Algorithms, One Click

Instead of asking the user to answer a dozen or more questions to generate personalized cost estimates, we do the heavy lifting behind the scenes using their existing information and nation-wide demographic statistics.

Design for Communication

If there is one consistency from our usability testing and interviews, it is that users will only read on-screen text as a last resort. We strive to use clear and simple visual cues and wayfinding to communicate system interactions and statuses.


Be Helpful

Predict scenarios that might cause user confusion or frustration and proactively provide tools that will promote success, trust and confidence. Navigation, system feedback and labeling should be simple, clear and obvious.

Beyond Tooltips

Our Ask Emma tool features an audio/visual education module that is triggered by users in the context where the information is relevant.

Video Library

We have a growing library of professionally-made videos that illustrate various insurance and benefit-related topics in a fun, easy-to-understand format.


Design for Context

Design products around the devices and scenarios in which they will actually be used. Test your assumptions against system analytics and on-site interviews with real users.

The Right Tools Where You Need Them

Our native iPhone and Android app makes all of your benefit details available both online and off. During open enrollment, the app serves as a portal to our responsive enrollment platform.

Enrollment Assister Modes

Our flexible enrollment assister tools allow managers to impersonate their users quickly, or walk through user enrollments from within the administration portal.


No Repeats

Users should never have to enter the same information twice. Re-use existing system data to enhance and automate user tasks wherever possible.

Highlighting Benefit Relationships

The Ask Emma tool builds a profile of user choices, combines this data with known demographic records, and makes intelligent guidance and suggestions as the user progresses through their enrollment.


Build for Change

Define all interactions within a flexible framework that will accommodate growth, configuration and enhancement.

Inline Editing

Admins can modify hidden custom content areas throughout the system in the location where they will appear. Content types can include text, images and embedded video.

Our Platform, Your Brand

We designed the bswift UI to look and perform great out-of-the-box, but it is built on a consistent and modular framework that also serves as a white-label product, ready for branding using custom css and free-form content areas.


Use the Familiar

Our users spend most of their online time on other sites. Use the conventions and mental models of online shopping, social media and personal services to make their experience of shopping for insurance and benefits feel familiar and intuitive.

Filter, Compare, Select

Similar to large online retail websites, our shopping platform features a faceted search that allow users to filter their plan options based on plan attributes, and then perform side-by-side comparisons of favorite plan options.

Interactive and Visual Communication

The employee portal is a scalable content management system that allows administrators to create custom communications with videos, photo galleries, surveys, quizzes, FAQs, free-form content, and much more.


Design, Build, Test, Iterate

Needs, policies and technology will change; test your assumptions after every release, take responsibility, and never settle for ‘good enough.’

Objective Listening

Our first assumptions about what is easy and simple for users aren’t always right, so we gather feedback through analytics, interviews, on-site observations and usability testing. To ensure that our assessments are objective, we also use third party usability specialists, such as the Usability Lab at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

A Modular Framework

We build around a defined set of elements, which allows us to iterate quickly and continually enhance the interactive experience every release.