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Our goal is to streamline the entire HR, benefits and payroll process so that it's as efficient and painless as possible. bswift's software was designed with the "non-techie" user in mind — as a result, it is intuitive and easy-to-use for employees, HR Managers and Administrators alike.

For Employees


We make the shopping experience easier with decision support tools like Ask Emma and an elegant user interface. Ask Emma is designed to take the guesswork out of benefit decisions and provides a personalized plan comparison.

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Enrollment at the click of a button. And with Defined Contribution, you decide how much your employees can spend on health and benefits, and they are empowered to choose the combination of coverage that’s just right for them.

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All your benefits information at your fingertips. Access coverage information and helpful videos in the Benefits Portal, find your benefits breakdown with Total Compensation Statements, and view it all on the go with our Mobile functionality.

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For Employers


Leverage our technology when it comes to Reporting, Billing, and COBRA to reduce your administrative workload. Our streamlined features and automated processes make it both easy and hassle-free, so you can focus on what you do best.

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It’s a new world of health care and benefits, but you’re not in it alone. We’re here to help. Our Health Reform and ACA Compliance Solutions help you with managing risk, employee notifications, employer reporting and regulatory plan changes.

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Our in-house Data Exchange team is on-hand and ready to take care of your data integrations including HIPAA 834 feeds, Web Services, Single Sign-On (SSO) connections and more. Our proprietary EDI Feed Builder™ tool saves time and money, too!

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A personalized, “consumer style” shopping experience

bswift enables employers of all sizes to provide an engaging, intelligent and personalized retail experience for “consumer style” benefits shopping. Just decide how much money you want to give your employees for benefits and which benefit products you’d like to offer. You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to bring your own relationships and products to the table.

bswift provides direct to consumer offers which enable employees to purchase care directly at negotiated network discounts. This includes dental visits, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic visits and various wellness solutions. bswift also offers identity theft protection options from ID Watchdog and InfoArmor.

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Want to help your employees find the benefits that fit them best?

Just Ask Emma.

Ask Emma is much more than an interactive decision support tool. She represents a whole new approach to benefits shopping, enrollment, and education, helping employees make more informed and personalized decisions across a range of benefits offerings—all through an engaging experience.

Ask Emma Advantages:

For Employers

  • Enhances the employee benefits shopping experience
  • Promotes consumerism
  • Tailors enrollment guidance to employees' unique needs
  • Educates employees on the value of available benefits, supporting recruitment and retention
  • Is fast and easy to implement

For Employees

  • Is easy to understand and fun to use!
  • Takes the guesswork out of the benefits shopping experience
  • Facilitates convenient one-stop shopping
  • Personalizes cost comparisons by health needs and preferred doctors and hospitals
  • Models future health scenarios for the whole family
  • Translates insurance jargon into easy-to-understand explanations
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Defined Contribution:
Reining in the employer's rising costs of health care

Recruiting and retaining key employees is important to every company, and your employee benefit program is a key part of the compensation you offer to your employees. Due to the rising costs of traditional employer-sponsored health insurance, defined contribution is gaining popularity across the U.S.

Defined Contribution Advantages:

For Employers

  • Control the employer's rising costs of health care
  • Promote consumerism
  • Flexibility to tailor the health and benefits allowance for your employees
  • Fast and easy to implement

For Employees

  • Easy to understand allowance concept
  • More freedom to choose from a greater number of plan options
  • Potential for additional, more personalized coverage
  • Decision support tools help decide which plans fit best


Benefits Portal

The bswift benefits portal isn’t just for Open Enrollment – it’s a central communication hub for both employers and employees alike. Here, you can access important content, including company information, a documents library, benefits and plan information, helpful videos and more.

Best of all, it’s configurable and can be integrated with various vendors, including:

  • Insurance carriers (i.e., to access claims status and provider directories)
  • Wellness (i.e., to engage employees in the Wellness program)
  • Flexible Spending Account (i.e., to view balances)
  • Health Savings Account (i.e., to view accounts)
  • Payroll (i.e., to view paychecks)

This isn’t your standard health and welfare website; think of it as a true HR & benefits portal for employers and a one-stop-shop for employees.

Total Compensation Statements

It's no secret that most employees are unaware of the financial investments your company makes beyond their direct paycheck. With bswift Total Compensation Statements, you’ll find a cost-effective way to communicate the full value of their compensation and benefits. Plus, it's an easy way to engage with employees and strategize any special benefits or unique perks that can help differentiate your employer brand.

With bswift, offering Total Compensation Statements is easy:

  • We already store all of your enrollment info and can accept additional data from your payroll (or other) system, such as tuition reimbursement, 401(k), car allowances, and more
  • Our statements are highly configurable—with an unlimited number of fields that let you decide how compensation categories are named, organized and displayed.
  • Your employees can securely access their personalized statement online and print a copy at their convenience. Or if preferred, we can mail a hard copy of their statement.


It seems like the whole world has gone mobile, and benefits are no exception. With bswift, your employees will enjoy the added convenience of the Mobile Benefits Portal, so they can shop and enroll on-the-go and access their information at any time.

It works on a wide range of browsers and devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and other mobile devices, via the web or with the Mobile Benefits Quicklook app.

With the secure Mobile Benefits Quicklook app, employees can quickly access their benefits information, including:

  • Insurance group and ID numbers
  • Co-pay, co-insurance and deductible information
  • Coverage effective dates
  • Carrier contact information
  • Links to important carrier websites
  • And much more



Clients have access to bswift’s real-time reporting tool, including more than 350 standard reports, Billing Suite, and a drag-and-drop custom reporting tool—which allows HR managers to quickly and easily create, schedule and automate their own custom reports.

Whether you’re running a change report to see who enrolled in the past week or scheduling your monthly self-bill for Life Insurance, it can all be easily done with the click of a button. Once generated, reports can be conveniently downloaded into Microsoft Excel for easy extraction and manipulation of the data.

Here are some examples of the types of reports you can run on the bswift system:

  • Activity Reports
  • Administrative Reports
  • Benefit Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Change Reports
  • Configuration Reports
  • Enrollment Reports
  • Fulfillment Reports


With bswift’s Billing Suite, employers can easily generate and schedule a set of four reports, including List Bill, List Bill Summary, Retro Bill and Retro Bill Summary.

Billing Suite will automatically calculate credits and adjustments based on billing rules for each benefit plan. You can save the report for later or schedule it to run automatically according to your specific needs or your carrier’s preferences.

Billing Suite’s advanced features makes it easy for employers to:

  • Run monthly reports, or other time periods as appropriate
  • Apply retroactive adjustments
  • Apply fees as appropriate
  • Self bill (using current data)
  • Reconcile bills against carriers’ bills or other third party systems
  • Separate bills based on location, department, division or benefit status

Now, what will you do with all that extra time you’ll be saving?


bswift’s dedicated team of COBRA experts serve as a professional and friendly buffer between terminated employees and your company. We take the guesswork out of COBRA processes and manage the tedious tasks like mailings and payments so you don’t have to.

Features include:

  • Premium payment collections
  • Reporting on all notices and payments
  • COBRA participant take-over process
  • COBRA audits
  • Legislative compliance
  • Expert, multilingual Call Center
  • Assigned Account Manager


Compliance and Health Reform

bswift’s suite of Compliance Solutions helps employers navigate the new world of health care and comply with the complex provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In today’s rapidly changing environment, our tools are quickly and easily configurable and available on-demand, with numerous scheduling and alert options, to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Features include:

  • 9.5% Dashboard for affordability tests, optimizing on safe harbor rules to determine the potential risk
  • Numerous health reform dashboard panels and reports with the ability to “drill down” to employee level detail
  • 30-hour rule tools (i.e., shared responsibility), including tracking within measurement, administrative and stability periods
  • W-2 reporting
  • site exchange notices
  • Section 6055 (individual mandate) and section 6056 (employer mandate) IRS returns (Form 1095-C)
  • Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)
  • All notices available online to employees & administrators
  • New taxes/fees, such as the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) fee & the reinsurance tax
  • Section 6055 IRS return / the individual mandate (Form 1095-B)
  • Section 6056 IRS return / the employer mandate (Form 1095-C)
  • Changes to New Hire Waiting Period (i.e., to comply with maximum 90 day waiting period)
  • Auto-enrollment (when applicable)
  • Dependent coverage rules (e.g., age 26) – ability to modify based on state differences
  • Annual limits including Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), and 401(k)


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

bswift prides itself on our in-house Data Exchange team, who are on hand and ready to develop, test and maintain your data integrations. Our experienced staff handles the nitty-gritty technical details so you can breathe easy during implementation, annual changes and throughout the entire year.

From importing your demographic and benefits data, to transmitting your benefit eligibility data and configuring seamless connections to encourage employee self-service, our team has you covered. We support all of your data integration needs including HIPAA 834 feeds, Web services and Single Sign-On (SSO) connections.

Plus, our team has a reputation for providing friendly service and building strong relationships with our clients’ partners. While we have longstanding relationships with virtually all of the nation’s major carriers, TPA’s and payroll systems, we are happy to work with your preferred vendors for health, dental, critical illness, health savings accounts, wellness programs, retirement benefits, flexible spending, employee assistance programs and more.

What you need to know:

  • Expert development of HIPAA 834 feeds, Web services and Single Sign-On (SSO) connections & more
  • More than 7,000 existing EDI feeds with carriers, TPAs & payroll/HRIS systems
  • Proprietary EDI Feed Builder™ tool saves clients time & money
  • Mature data importing process - including sophisticated mapping and thresholds – to ease the implementation process and also mitigate the risk of bringing in bad data